How to feature a work in Tenejo

Featuring select works from your special collection on your repositories home page can help promote discovery of your Special Collections repository. With Tenejo, creating featured works that will appeal to your users is easy to do. This blog post will walk you through the steps necessary to feature a work or works on our platform. We will also discuss some reasons you would want to highlight your work. Let's get started!

How to feature a work in Tenejo

To feature a work in Tenejo, you need to choose an existing work or create a new work. To add a new work, from the administrative dashboard, simply click on the "add new work" button and begin to describe your work. You’ll need to complete the required metadata fields, import a file, and agree to the deposit agreement to add this work.

New Work

Fig.1 - Dashboard -> Works -> New Work

After you have added your work or found an existing work to feature, you will see a “Feature” button on the item view page. This simple toggle function adds the work to the homepage “Highlights.”

Toggle Feature Animation

Fig.2 Toggle Feature Animation

There is a maximum limit of 8 featured items on the homepage. The layout adjusts to accommodate the number of featured items.

Homepage highlights

Fig.3 Homepage highlights

Content must be Public

Because your homepage is open to the public, visibility for the works you want to feature must be set to “Public”. As shown below, only Public works have the “Feature” button and Private or Restricted works do not have a “Feature” button.

Fig.4 - The "Feature" button appears on works that are set to "Public"

Fig.5 - Private work or works in a private collection do not have a feature button

Use cases for featuring a work in Tenejo

There are many reasons you might want to feature a work. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • To showcase a new or recently-acquired work
  • To highlight a work that is part of a larger collection
  • To promote an upcoming exhibition or event
  • To attract new visitors to your website


Tenejo provides a simple and elegant way to feature some of your important works on your homepage. Highlighting your works can drive patrons to discover newly acquired content in your collection or can be set up as curated, thematic exhibits for special events. If you are thinking about trying out Tenejo, please get in touch with us. We would be happy to help you get started!

Are you interested to learn more about Tenejo? Let's chat. Check out the links below or shoot me an email.